Teramind Application

Teramind Application – The Time Tracking menu gives you various time and task management features You can create and manage tasks and timesheets, and track expenses by employee or task Employees can also access the time it takes the web-based timer from this menu to track their time without installing TerraMind Agent.

These features integrate seamlessly with TerraMind agents, policies and rules of conduct, schedulers, employee profiles/departments and other TerraMind productivity features. Facilitates self-time tracking and reporting

Teramind Application

The Tasks screen allows you to create and manage tasks and sub-tasks You can also assign these tasks/sub-tasks to specific employees, departments or the entire organization

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You can create and assign tasks that will be available in published/visible agents so that employees can select them.

Menus will be available for the Policy and Rules Engine so you can automatically assign a task to an employee.

This is especially useful for running silent/hidden agents because it does not allow agents to choose their actions.

Allow employees to check out from a web interface, without requiring TerraMind agents to be installed on their computers – useful when hiring external consultants or contractors.

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Tracking employee time with tasks helps you gain a better understanding of your organizational productivity and how your employees spend their time.

When you create a subtask under a task for the first time, you will see a pop-up message:

Select the YES option to allow employees to track their time for parent tasks and subtasks. Select the NO option to allow them to track subtasks only

The Time Tracker screen allows employees to log in and out from the web without installing the TerraMind Agent. This is especially useful for tracking the time of consultants, freelancers, and other external users

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The Employee Cost screen displays a report of hours worked, rates and costs for each employee per hour

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To calculate employee expenses correctly, you must set the RATE option from the Employee Profile > Personal Information tab.

The Task Difficulty screen displays a report of time worked, rate, and cost by task for a period of time.

The Time Logs screen displays a report of the employee’s started, completed, duration, work, activity %, etc. for a period of time.

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The time card screen shows a detailed report of working hours and employee activities From this screen you can also view time add/remove, session records and key monitoring reports

The daily view shows working hours, shift start, shift end, shift length, and a detailed breakdown of activities for the day.

The week view shows a detailed breakdown of working hours, shift start, shift end, shift length and activities.

BI (Business Intelligence) reports are powerful tools that simplify the visualization and analysis of complex data. With these reports, managers can get quick, real-time access to app and online activity, task and project engagement, work time analytics, -security risks and other key information.

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Teramind comes with several pre-built BI report templates for common KPIs important to any business, such as applications and web pages, productivity, email, behavioral alerts, login sessions, file events, etc. Reports and customize them according to your needs

You can quickly create your own reports with easy-to-use widgets in a visual format using bars, charts, heatmaps, and tables. Reports can be filtered by employee, department, computer and other data points Each report screen has its own settings that you can use to control what data is displayed and how

Each pre-built BI report comes with one or more tabs It helps you organize your information and present different views of your data in a compact way. You can also add your own tabs to a custom BI report

TerraMind comes with several pre-built BI reports You can use or configure them or use them as templates to create your own custom BI reports

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While TerraMind allows you to edit pre-built BI reports, the changes are temporary and available as long as you are on the report page. If you refresh the page or log out, the changes are lost To make the changes permanent, use custom BI reports instead

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Both tabs contain similar widgets such as Top Employees, Top Departments, Top Apps/Domains, Top Categories*, Top Browsers, etc. The only difference is

TerraMind Compass® uses NetStar, a comprehensive web ranking and filtering technology, to automatically rank websites and their reputation.

The productivity profile determines how the app/website is categorized as productive/unproductive. This will affect how productive time, non-productive time, etc. are reported. You can also quickly categorize an item

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To learn how to categorize a group of activities, configure productivity profiles, or reset them, check out the Productivity Profiles section of the User Guide.

Tabs show employee time grouped by app/web and category You can, of course, create a custom report and add your own widgets to it to display aggregated items

. You can of course create a custom report to show idle time and compare it to other data points such as idle time vs active time.

For example, the Fields Employed by Work Time, Idle Time and Productive Time, Worked Time, Activity % etc. tab also contains a tab.

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Tabs display the same information except the grid widget groups There are also three widgets (category, activity and top with idle time) that display information by category. the

For an explanation of productivity metrics, check How Work Time/Idle Time/Activity Percent/Production Time/Production Time/Total Time is Determined. Knowledge Base section to learn more

The productivity profile determines how the app/website is categorized as productive/unproductive. This will affect how productive time, non-productive time, etc. are reported

This report shows all rule violation events (caused by regular rules) and any anomalies (caused by anomaly rules). This report details all alerts, actions taken by the system and risk information for staff and departments It comes with two tabs:

Data Loss Prevention, Employee Monitoring

(table) showing descriptions of timestamps, personnel, computers, policies, rules, actions taken by the system, and warnings.

Showing various comparisons of Alerts and Risks such as Alerts and Risks by Timeline, Risk Heat Map, Employees/Departments at Risk etc.

Then select the search option You will be taken to the Employee Activity Monitoring Report page where you can view employee activity logs, session logs, activity reports time work, alert reports, etc.

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Then select the option View Record A Session Player Viewer will pop up where you can view the employee’s desktop, see all the notifications they have received, export video.

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Risk Alert and Timeline and Risk Heat Map show risk trends You can also create your custom reports and add any trends you want to plot For example, the risk score risk by category, frequency of risk violations by label, etc

Shows Top Risky Employees, Top Risky Departments, Top Risky Rules etc. You can also create your custom reports and add any rated items you want. For example, Top Risk Items, Types of Top Risk Items, etc

This report shows all email activity for employees and departments Comes with several tabs

To give you all the details you need about your employees’ email activity, such as incoming/outgoing emails by timeline, Top Employees no. Emails sent/received, attachment heatmaps, top destination domains, statistics for email sources, etc.

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(Table) Each tab shows all incoming and outgoing emails with timestamps that can be grouped by staff, attachment, destination, source, etc.

This report shows statistics of all keystrokes entered by the user In addition to regular characters, the report tracks words and phrases, special commands (eg clipboard copy/paste), use of special keys and hidden symbols such as , , <backspace etc'. With two tabs:

: Timeline (number of characters/characters typed for the period. Characters typed and top app/domain where the most keyboard activity occurred. There is also

This report shows statistics of all file events on local drives, external drives (such as USB drives), network and cloud files. The report comes with only one tab,

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: Timeline (according to the volume of file activity such as access, copy, create, rename, remove/delete, upload, etc.), Top Employee (who had the most file activity ) and Top File Extension. There is also

Note that TerraMind cannot track copy operations for a file from one network server to the same network server (ie the source and destination are the same). For example, copy a file

Even a copy of an empty file cannot be tracked because it would be impossible to distinguish the system between the files

This report shows statistics of all web file events (upload/download, cloud sync, etc.). The report comes with two tabs,

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: Timetable (amount of uploads from the web and downloads from the web), Top Staff (who had the most web.

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