Pitt Msw Application

Pitt Msw Application – A bachelor’s degree (minimum overall QPA 3.0) from an accredited college or university is required. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have acquired a liberal arts foundation during their undergraduate (or undergraduate and graduate) studies and must have taken one undergraduate course in human biology and one undergraduate course in descriptive statistics. (If an applicant does not have a statistics course, this requirement must be met prior to enrollment. Many applicants take this course at a community college if it was not part of their previous degree)

Admission to the program is determined on a cohort basis. Instead of admitting students each semester, we admit students in batches. Cohorts are accepted approximately every 24 months (2022, 2024, 2026, etc.)

Pitt Msw Application

No. Students without a BSW or BASW will receive equivalent training through core coursework and fieldwork. Individuals with degrees from accredited undergraduate social work programs are eligible for advanced placement. The number of advanced credits awarded is determined as part of the admissions process.

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The MSW program at our Johnstown campus offers specialization in direct practice with individuals, families, and small groups with mental health certification. Prospective students interested in other areas of direct practice, with special emphasis such as child care and gerontology, or the community, organization, and social action (COSA) specialization, should apply to the Pittsburgh program.

The five general courses are: Human Behavior and the Social Environment, General Foundations of Social Work Practice, Social Work Research, Social Care, and Social Work Practice in Diverse Populations.

The MSW degree requires the completion of at least 60 credits. The program consists of 42 credits and 18 credits of field work.

Once accepted, students can complete their degree in 10 terms, provided all admission prerequisites are met. Students with BSW or BASW degrees can complete the degree in eight terms, depending on the number of advanced credits awarded.

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Johnstown Campus Faq

MSW courses are taught by full-time and part-time University of Pittsburgh social work faculty members, all members of the local social work community.

A regional MSW program director serves on campus in Biddle Hall. The Regional Director provides academic advising, field coverage, and public relations. A regional director is available to assist students with problem solving, registration and career planning. The Pitt-Johnstown MSW program shares the same academic goals, standards, and requirements as the program at the Pittsburgh campus.

The MSW program requires two different placements for students entering without a BSW or BASW degree—general and specialized placement. Students with a BASW/BSW have advanced standing and will complete only one field placement. The Campus Program Director works with students to ensure placement based on their educational goals. An updated list of field locations from all surrounding areas is available.

The MSW program at our Pitt-Johnstown campus began in January 1998. To date, more than 300 students have received their MSW degrees.

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All courses are taught in the evening (5:30-8:20 p.m.) by an instructor in person on the Pitt-Johnstown campus. Class sizes range from 12 to 15 students per course

The MSW program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Thus, students who complete an MSW degree are eligible to take the exam to become licensed social workers in Pennsylvania and other states.

Find all the information to help you get started at Pitt Social work professionals seeking admission to the MSW program must demonstrate the potential and professional skills necessary to function effectively in a graduate school environment.

All applicants are assessed holistically. A student with a GPA below 3.0 may be provisionally admitted to the program. Applicants with a GPA below 3.0 may be asked to interview at the school’s admissions office.

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Successful completion of a 3-credit course in statistics or quantitative analysis (if the student has not taken a course in statistics, this requirement must be met prior to enrollment).

A minimum of 60 undergraduate credits (or undergraduate plus master’s) divided into 30 credits in the liberal arts and 30 credits in the social sciences is recommended.

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School of Social Work Policy #25:4: In accordance with the educational policy and accreditation standards of the Council on Social Work Education, the School of Social Work MSW program does not grant course credit, transfer credit, or exemptions for prior life volunteering. , or employment. experience

Students entering the MSW program with full advanced standing can complete their program with a minimum of 39 credits of full-time enrollment in 12-month (fall, spring, summer) and 16-month (fall, spring, fall) options.

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Students who, within the past seven academic calendar years, have earned a social work degree from a CSWE-accredited undergraduate program (or a program recognized by the Council on Social Work Education’s International Service for the Recognition and Evaluation of Social Work Degrees or included in a memorandum of understanding with the International Accreditation of Social Work ) is eligible for advanced status.

Students who are granted advanced standing may earn up to 15 academic credits. The number of additional credits awarded depends on the comparison of the student’s undergraduate courses to the general courses of the program and the grades earned in those undergraduate courses (ie, they must be a grade of “B-” or higher).

In addition, students entering the senior level may earn up to six (6) credits of field education. Six (6) field education credits are awarded based on the number of field practicum hours completed in the baccalaureate degree, provided the baccalaureate social work practicum has a total of at least 400 hours and the student has achieved a passing grade of at least a “B-” or better.

The School of Social Work offers an MSW degree program at the University of Pittsburgh’s Bradford and Johnstown campuses. Admission requirements at these two campuses are the same as the Pittsburgh campus, except that the Bradford and Johnstown campuses offer the MSW degree only in a part-time program format. Additionally, the Bradford and Johnstown campuses only accept students every two years (2024, 2026, 2028, etc.).

Pdf) Religion And Spirituality In Social Work Practice With Children And Adolescents: A Survey Of Canadian Practitioners

Previously enrolled students who leave Pitt’s MSW program for more than one year and wish to readmit to the school must resubmit their MSW application. In addition, these students must submit a two-page, double-spaced personal statement stating why they are seeking readmission and why they believe they will be successful this time. You must also submit one new letter of recommendation (not from the reference submitted when you first enrolled in the school).

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Applicants who have completed graduate courses within the last seven academic years may be awarded transfer credit. Those wishing to transfer credits from non-social work graduate programs may transfer a maximum of 12 credits. Applicants transferring from Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited schools may earn a maximum of 30 transfer credits.

In accordance with the Council on Social Work Education’s educational policy and accreditation standards, the School of Social Work does not grant course or major credit, credit transfer, or exemption for prior life, volunteer, or work experience.

Find all the information you need to help you get started in Pitt Social WorkPitt’s MSW degree offerings include specializations in Direct Practice or Community, Organization, and Social Action (COSA). mental health certificates; children, youth and families; gerontology; Home and school visitor; integrated health care; Human Services Administration is also available. Additionally, students who have earned a BASW degree from a CSWE accredited institution within 7 years will be considered in advanced status.

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Students entering the MSW program who do not hold a bachelor’s degree from a CSWE-accredited social work program may complete all coursework and core requirements in two years of full-time study. The MSW program defines full-time enrollment status as registration for 12 to 15 credits in the fall and spring of each academic year for the purpose of scholarship assistance.

The school offers combined study for people seeking to obtain a master’s degree whose economic, work or family situation does not allow them to enroll full-time. Whenever possible, courses will be held in the evenings. However, part-time students must be prepared to take some coursework during the day. Part-time students will need to make accommodations and be flexible in fieldwork scheduling, as fieldwork positions that offer evening or weekend instruction are very limited.

Part-time students are required to enroll in at least two courses each semester in two of the three semesters of each academic year to qualify for the MSW degree. The following options are acceptable:

Students who have earned a social work degree from a CSWE-accredited undergraduate program within the past seven academic calendar years may be eligible for advanced standing. Those who earn advanced standing in the admissions process can earn 15 academic credits and six field education credits. Students entering the MSW program with full advanced standing can complete their program with a minimum of 39 credits of full-time enrollment in 12-month (fall, spring, summer) and 16-month (fall, spring, fall) options. Students with advanced standing are allowed

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